Although official full time enrollment counts aren’t complete from the state until Sept. 20, preliminary, unaudited count for the USD 231 district indicates enrollment has increased by about 154 students.
“Our official count isn’t until September 20,” said Leann Northway, public information officer, “but this will give you an idea.”
Preliminary counts for school year 2016-17 indicate:
Elementary Schools including Pre-school have increased about 56 students to 2,636  (2015-2016 Audited: 2,580);
Middle School has increased about 55 students to 1,787 (2015-2016 Audited: 1,732);
And High School has increased about 43 students to 1,594 (2015-2016 Audited: 1,551).
The unofficial/unaudited enrollment is 6,017; up from the 2015-2016 audited total enrollment headcount: of 5,863.
According to the Kansas State Department of Education, full-time equivalent enrollment (FTE) is the total enrollment reported on Sept. 20 for grades kindergarten through 12, plus three and four-year old preschool special education.