Locally grown peach as seen here being compared to a tennis ball will soon contend for a Guinness World Record. Submitted photo

A peach grown in Bucyrus, Kan., may break a world’s record.
Rick Miller, agriculture agent, and Dennis Patton, horticulture agent, for Johnson County K-State Research and Extension in Olathe were asked by Mark Angermayer of Tubby Fruits in Bucyrus, Kan. to officially weigh one of his peaches for submission to Guinness World Records as the world’s heaviest peach. The current world record is 725 grams held by Paul Friday, back in 2002.
The peach was plucked August 24 and the official measurement took place August 29 at the USDA Milk Market Administration in Lenexa. According to Angermayer, Guinness World Records required two certified scientists to measure the peach using a verified scale capable of measuring to .01 grams, which was provided by the USDA. The process had to be documented by both video and photos. And, the peach had to be consumed as proof that the fruit was not altered to skew the results.
Miller and Patton measured both the circumference and diameter of the peach and then placed the fruit on the scale. It weighed 763.39 grams. The process was observed by USDA dairy scientist Mike Ewing. Angermayer then cut up the peach, a white, large fruit, late season variety called ‘Lady Nancy.’ Pieces were shared with the participants in the room, which they all ate. Everyone was surprised at the taste for such a large fruit — sweet, juicy, firm not mealy, and with little fuzz. The two Extension agents then completed and signed the required paperwork.
Once Angermayer submits all the documentation it will take up to 12 weeks for Guinness World Records to review it and determine whether Angermayer is the new official world record holder.