Serving local military members and their families has become an increasingly important priority for Gardner.
This growing interest coincides with the national Joining Community Forces initiative, which focuses on community-level efforts to support military members and strengthen the local military community.
“In order for us to personally acknowledge our Gardner service people, we have to know who they are,” Chris Morrow, mayor, said. “We encourage each of them to visit our new military web page and sign up for emails and texts regarding related information and announcements.”
Gardner has developed a local Joining Community Forces page on the city website to provide resource information to veterans, service members and their families. The page,, offers direct links for assistance in the areas of health, employment, housing and more.
“There are several resources available to assist members of the military, but unfortunately, a lot of those resources go untapped due to lack of awareness,” said Morrow. “We felt it was our duty to spread the word about these services to the men and women who have done so much for our country, as well as their families who make sacrifices daily.”
The city is also looking to recognize members of the military through various local activities and events.
Council members who have a military background are: Mayor Chris Morrow – Navy; 3 years; Council Member Lee Moore – USAF, 7 years; and Council Member Kristy Harrison – USAF, 4 years.
Hard copies of military resource information are available at Gardner City Hall. For more information about Joining Community Forces, visit