Two members of Fire District # 1 are on standby in Nevada. The district’s heavy brush truck is also deployed to the Great Basin Region due to extremely dry conditions. Photo courtesy of Kody Wohlers #KansasForestService and JCFD#1

Two firefighters from Johnson County Fire District #1 are still deployed in Elko, Nev., and will remain at least thru the coming week.
“They are due back this week,” said Rob Kirk, fire chief.
Deployed from JCFD#1 are Adam Robinson engine boss trainee, and Denton Lawrence, firefighter.
“We are in a standby mode, waiting for deployment,” Kirk said. “Luckily the fires out there have calmed down, but a lightning strike could set it off.”
JCFD#1 is the only Kansas fire department certified to work in such situations.
“We are kind of proud to be a part of that,” Kirk said. “We are out there with the Kansas Forestry Service right now.”
The district’s heavy brush truck was deployed last week on a pre-position assignment to Elko.
The crew is currently in Carlin, Nev., waiting on a assignment. The region is dry and has several large fires burning, so they have requested additional resources to be on stand-by.
During some slow time while waiting to be assigned to a fire, the crew took advantage to work on some crew cohesiveness with engine exercises to establish tactics, job duties and experience.
The crew for this assignment is comprised of two area firefighters and two firefighters from the Kansas Forest Service. Kody Wohlers, with Kansas Forest Service, is serving as the engine boss. Robinson, JCFD#1,is the engine boss trainee. Dennis Carlson, Kansas Forest Service, and Lawrence, are both serving as firefighters.
The crew will remain in the Great Basin Region until the 14 day deployment is complete.
Additional information can be found at for more information on the National Wildfire Situation.