Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
As I was looking at plants the other day, I noticed the daylight had started to change. The sun, however warm, doesn’t seem quite as bright once we head into Fall.
Maybe it is just me. I am a Spring person.
My birthday is in the spring, and I love the prospect of flowers and melting snow and things turning green again.
I am not a fan of Fall. I love the colors of the trees and the cool, crisp, blanket filled, great sleeping weather nights, but not a fan of the season.
Having lived in a family of hardworking, outdoor, construction people, Fall meant being laid off— as winter was usually just around the corner. Even when people are bundled up, sometimes equipment won’t start when it is cold.
Fall also meant the school year was about to start. The smell of crayons, seeing bright new notebooks and sharpened pencils always makes me smile. As a kid a return to school meant no more running from daylight till dark, but you got to see all your friends again.
New textbooks full of interesting stories and things to learn. Maybe even the chance to finish all the stories in that big SRA box in this year’s classroom.
School meant new shoes, no more sneakers with the toes worn out of them. New clothes, sometimes from J C Penny’s, or Sears, a lot of them custom made by my Mom.
I remember the first day of school “butterflies.” I think they were the size of pigeons in my stomach.
Junior high brought lockers and combinations to be able to conquer.
High school we had to travel across campus from building to building in a very short amount of time. But I survived.
The hardest Fall season I can remember was the year we graduated from school. Most of my friends left for college, but I chose not to go. If I only knew then what I know now.
So as the daylight diminishes, I try to look and find the positives in this time of year.
Beautiful days with trees of every color.
Halloween and other holidays right around the corner. Nice warm sweaters and jackets.
That smell of Fall. Rain, and leaves. The smell of Fall leaves burning and bonfires.
So ready or not, another Fall is set to begin soon. I will put away the flowerpots, and clean the Hummingbird feeder.
I will take pictures of the flowers that worked in their bed, and the ones that need a new spot next year.
Then I will start counting the days till Spring.