At the Aug. 8, Board of Education meeting, the board unanimously approved an agreement between Gardner Edgerton School District and the Gardner Edgerton National Education Association to ratify teacher contracts for 2016-2017.
The negotiations team consist of 12 teachers or GENEA Team Members, two building administrators, two directors, two board members, the superintendent and the board clerk. The total number of certified staff at Gardner Edgerton School District is 450, with the agreed salary increase to be an average of 2.66 percent.
“This was another very successful and productive negotiations process,” said Dr. Jody Marshall, human resources director. “Both sides were prepared, positive and flexible working towards the most possible good for students, staff and the district.”
The value of the total compensation package is approximately $880,000.
“In light of the uncertainty that surrounds Kansas school funding, we are extremely pleased to be able to be in a position to offer additional compensation to our staff members,” said Pam Stranathan, superintendent. “We are very proud of the high quality employees we have at USD 231; and, to maintain this level of quality for our families, it is imperative we work hard to find the funds to compensate them for their excellent work.”
The approved agreement includes:
• One vertical step advancement on the certified staff salary schedule
• One horizontal step movement for staff members returning to the same supplemental assignment.
• Continuation and increased cost coverage to the single health insurance plan.
• Continuation of funding the cost of a single dental insurance plan.
• Continuation of funding to the longevity plan.
• Continuation of funding horizontal salary movement to professional employees who qualify.