Salary and position adjustments were made by the Edgerton city council at their July 28 council meeting. The new salary ordinance increases full time employees from 14 to 16 in 2017. Part time employees remain the same at six.
Staff provided data from a Mid America Regional Council (MARC) Compensation study that was used in drafting the ordinance. Metro cities providing data for the compensation survey included Gardner, Belton, Raymore, Raytown, Bonner Springs, Mission, Roeland Park and Harrisonville.
“We don’t use the same cities for all positions because not all cities have each position,” said Beth Linn, city administrator. “We compare job descriptions including duties assigned, experience required, education, etc. We also consider those cities we would compete against to recruit/retain employees.“
“The action that city council took with Ordinance No. 1022 was to adjust the pay ranges. It does not automatically provide a raise to any employee,” Linn said. “It simply sets the pay range for each “
The changes to the salary ordinance were made for several reasons including adding and removing employees to reflect those positions approved as part of the 2017 budget process, reclassification for positions with additional job duties, adjustments to ranges when compared to KC metropolitan area. “For example, the administrative services director position has been deleted from the orginal chart and assistant superintendent (pending a retirement at the end of this year) has been changed to a foreman position,” Linn said.
Edgerton employees are eligible for an annual merit increase during the annual performance evaluation process in June. “Each employee is eligible for 0-5 percent based on their performance evaluation score,“ Linn said.
“Our employees are one of the most important resources in providing high quality services to the citizens and businesses in Edgerton,” Linn said. “Compensation is one piece in the total package to recruit and retain those employees. The changes to the salary ordinance allow Edgerton to stay competitive in recruitment and retention of our employees while balancing our commitment to fiscal stewardship of the taxpayers’ dollars.”
Four positions were added three eliminated and two reclassified during the 2017 budget process.
Four positions were added:
Summer youth activities coordinator, grade 1, salary range $15,000-$29,120; foreman, grade 5, $46,500-$60,100; CIP project manager, grade 7, $56,000-$75,000, ; and finance director, grade 8, $79,800-$93,900.
Two positions were reclassified;
Administrative assistant position, from grade 2 to 3, $29,100-$42,634; parks and recreation coordinator position, grade 4 to 5, $46,500-$60,100.
Three positions were eliminated:
Laborer, grade 2, $26,300-$31,560; assistant superintendent, grade 5, $46,593-$60,100; administrative services director, grade 7, $46,377-$75,000.
Other salaries, for officers, remained the same:
City treasurer, $180.25 per calendar month
City Attorney, $800 per calendar month
Municipal judge, $500 per docket attended
Prosecuting attorney, $110 per hour
Court appointed attorney, $75 per hour for in court and preparation time.
The complete salary range, including changes, is available on Edgerton’s website in the July 28 council agenda packet listed as Ordinance 1022.