The Kansas Department of Transportation will contribute $4.5 million to Garden City to assist with the construction of its transload facility.
Garden City was one of two sites selected to develop transload shipping centers last year by the Transload Facility Site Analysis Selection Committee, which included public and private sector representatives. Great Bend and Garden City were chosen out of 111 sites that were initially proposed. KDOT will contribute a total of $4.5 million to the $14 million Garden City project, $3 million of which will go to rail construction and $1.5 million for local roadway improvements.
“We are excited to have KDOT partner with us on this project,” said Lona DuVall, president of the Finney County Economic Development Group. “This facility will serve to further improve the competitiveness of our region and the state of Kansas in attracting new industries.”?
The shipping center, which will be located southeast of Garden City, provides the infrastructure necessary to move goods from one mode of transportation to another, at this facility it will move from rail to truck and truck to rail.
The group that developed this proposal includes the city of Garden City, Finney County, Finney County Economic Development Corporation, Transportation Partners and Logistics and KDOT. Transportation Partners and Logistics will operate the facility, which is expected to be operational by December.