Gardner has launched its second annual crosswalk safety campaign to bring attention to the importance of cyclist, pedestrian and motorist safety. The campaign corresponds with the impending new school year and the typical increases in pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 4,000 people are killed each year in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes – nearly 12 people per day. Approximately 700 people are killed each year in cyclist/motor vehicle crashes. These fatalities occurred where a crosswalk was not being used or utilized correctly.
“Gardner has been fortunate that these types of motor vehicle incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are rare,” said Jim Pruetting, Gardner police chief. “However, we have witnessed near misses, distracted drivers and the improper use of crosswalks that could cause that to change.”
The awareness campaign, “Crosswalk Safety Starts with You,” reminds drivers and pedestrians that they share the responsibility of keeping themselves and others on the road safe. The city has dedicated the entire month of August to this initiative.
“We want everyone to play an active role in keeping our community safe,” Pruetting said. “We believe if pedestrians, cyclists and motorists understand the proper way to travel, they will enhance their commuting experience and, more importantly, help prevent conflicts on the road that can cause death or injury to someone.”
The city has devoted a page on their website to crosswalk safety to remind the public of the importance of this topic year-round. The city encourages individuals to visit the site to view helpful safety tips, which can be found at