Agencies in the KC Metro area and across the country are currently investigating thefts from cell tower sites.
Recently in Johnson County, west of Olathe, near 143rd and Spoon Creek Road, suspects cut a chain link gate from its post and then pried open a door to a business inside.  The suspects stole industrial sized batteries that at scrap value may get them $15-$30 but costs the telephone company thousands of dollars to replace.
These thefts effect you directly.  The batteries are there for electrical outage backup, i.e. the electric goes out during a storm at a tower site and the batteries kick in to keep the phone lines up and going.  Therefore, no electric and no backup batteries, you cannot use the phone or dial 911.
If you live near one of these towers, please be watchful as to who is there.  Workers do visit these sites on occasion, but are not there overnight unless and emergency exists.  Please call your local law enforcement if you suspect something does not look right, especially if they are carrying out these batteries.  Believe me, real employee’s will not be mad or mind being contacted by the police.
Currently, Kansas City, Grandview and Excelsior Springs and Johnson County, KS. Sheriff all have active cases of theft.  It WILL come to your area.
Detective Brett Wilson #171
TRACE director, Johnson County