Morning Glory 4-Her’s on cleanup day of the 2015 fair. Submitted photo

Ben Burling
Club Reporter
“Blue Jeans and Country Dreams” is the theme of the 2016 Johnson County Fair, but as you attended the fair this year, know that the end results you see on display started many months ago.
4-Her’s invest more than just time and money into the projects.
For those of us in the Livestock project it is the result of our sweat, laughter, tears, and occasionally blood (if we scrape up against a fence). It’s being up for chores in the early morning hours or up late at night.
Whether it is sunny with a heat index of 105 degrees, or gray and cold with a wind chill minus 5 degrees, for the 4-Her in Rocketry it is trying to get the moment of ignition photo; for the Baker it’s trying to make sure the cookies have the perfect number of chips and are baked to perfection; for the Photographer it’s taking the in photo right lighting; for the craftsman it’s picking the right wood for the job; for the Plant Science 4-Her it’s worrying about the weather and making sure their crop matures.
We are the 4-H motto of “learn by doing and making the best better.” So when you visit with us, ask us about our projects and enjoy the sights and sounds of the county fair. We will be in the parade on Saturday and then join us for the project auction beginning at 1:00pm. This is where we sell our projects and we are always in need of a friendly face in the crowd. You may just decide to start your own 4-H adventure.