Oxford memembers hold signs that read Oxford Hustlers 4-H Club loves their community. Submitted photo

Lillian Haney
Club reporter
Most Important: How 4-H Makes the, “Best Better”
A good person is defined as one that helps selflessly, tries to think how others feel, takes responsibility for their actions, and works hard to be honest and fair. The 4-H motto is, “Making the Best Better.” Being the best is not something a person is born with. It is learned. It takes years of trial and error to achieve. Being the best “me,” I can is a goal of mine and 4-H is helping me achieve this goal.
The Oxford Hustlers is the Lenexa chapter of 4-H. Our family chose this group because it was the closest location to our house, but after three years of being in the club I couldn’t imagine being with any other group. We spend 12 months a year finding ways to become better people. The primary mission of our group is to reach out to our community. We do that through clean-up efforts, fundraising, food collection, and reaching out to people unlike ourselves. We have parties, work on projects together and share our individual interests with one another.
Many people assume 4-H is an agriculture based children program only, but it isn’t. I am enrolled in Science Tech for Rocketry and Geology this year. I am also signed up for Art and will submit a charcoal and pencil sketch at fair. During the winter months we work on public speaking and parlimentiary process for meeting order, both of which are important life-long skills. The best part of 4-H is the adults that share their gifts by reviewing my work and sharing constructive feedback to help me strengthen my skills.
I love being in 4-H. It has helped me see that spending time with people that share different interests is really fun. I have learned so much about others in my group. Each month two members share a presentation about something that interests them. I have learned: fun craft projects, recipes, basic computer programming and facts about opossums and that was just this year.
In a time that seems to focus on differences and weaknesses it is refreshing to be apart of a group in which the only requirements are that I am a kid and I want to make myself better.