Next week, Aug. 2, if you haven’t yet voted, please make your voice heard in the primary election. Several local races will be decided in the primary election.
Each year, The Gardner News sends candidates questions and reviews the answers. Some candidates choose not to respond to questions, as is their right.
While education and fiscal responsibility are at the forefront of this campaign season – rightfully so —, we’re concerned with the fundamental right and integrity of the Kansas vote.
About 17,000 votes may not be counted due to a legislative law and enforcement by the secretary of state. Although a court ruled voters who used the federal form to register be allowed to vote, county officials may have been instructed not to count those votes. The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit .
In the 43rd district House Republican primary race, we endorse Don Roberts over incumbent Bill Sutton. We like Bill Sutton, but we believe Roberts will represent all constituents in the district equally; that he is solution oriented and is inclusive rather than divisive.
Roberts supports residents right to vote and has said he would support accountability thru paper ballot or receipt. We believe voting is the foundation on which this country is founded.
There are three candidates for the 38th District House Republican race: Willie Dove, incumbent, and Nathan Lucas and Mitra Templin.
Willie Dove has been responsive. He represents many of the conservative issues which reflect the views of some in his district. However, under his stewardship we have seen the Kansas economy struggle.
We endorse Mitra Templin, for 38th District. It’s time to give Kansans a fresh voice. We are hopeful her background in the business community and as DeSoto city council member will lend itself to better fiscal stewardship in Topeka.
Templin has indicated she would work to reduce voting impediments and restore voter confidence in the system. This is fundamental.
There are three excellent, experienced candidates for Johnson County Sheriff. Current sheriff Frank Denning is retiring.
We had a difficult time choosing between Dennis Hammer, Calvin Hayden and John Resman.
However, we narrowed the field to Hammer and Hayden.
Hayden previously served as county commissioner and was responsive and is well respected. Hammer also seems to have tried and true background experience in law enforcement with no apparent ties or favors owed to political or government groups. That could be a breath of fresh air.
Both are good candidates, but based on Hayden’s previous experience as an elected official, we endorse Calvin Hayden.
What’s important is you vote.
Our veterans fought to protect our right to vote. Voting is cornerstone to America.
Please research issues of importance to you and VOTE.
(Opinion – Our View)