Work continues on the Gardner Senior Center , 128 E. Park. The facility was built about 1984, and this is the first major renovation. The facility hosts senior citizen meals in addition to several hundred rentals per year. It is expected to reopen this Fall. Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

Work continues on remodeling and renovating the Gardner Senior Center, 128 E. Park, and it is hoped the facility will reopen this Fall.
“At the Gardner Senior Center, staff has completed moving all items to storage and salvaging items that can be repurposed for other facilities,” said Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, Gardner communications manager.
In April, the council authorized a $294,950 bid from RF Benchmark Construction for renovation, and it was expected the city would receive a $200,000 Johnson County Community Development Grant to apply towards the total project cost.
“The contractor has begun demolition of the building interior; including the restrooms, office, kitchen, storage rooms, main entry and meeting space,” Marshall-Oquendo said. “Demolition is scheduled to be completed by the end of next week. Submittals continue to be reviewed for approval by city staff and project designer for adherence to specifications. Weekly progress meetings are being held to ensure all items are in accordance with the grant requirements.”
Renovation was anticipated to take 4-6 months, and Marshall-Oquendo said the center should be reopened in October, 2016. The building was constructed about 1984.
While the facility is closed senior meals have been relocated to a local church.
The renovation is to include new heating and cooling system, furniture, fixtures, equipment and audio visual equipment.
The city expects to receive a $200,000 Johnson County Community Development block grant to apply against the total project cost.