Although Gardner Municipal Court’s case load remains fairly constant, work associated with certain types of cases has increased workload leading to the need for two city prosecutors.
“The average annual caseload is approximately 3,000 per year,” said Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, communications manager.
However, because some cases require more than one court appearance, it takes longer to complete some cases.
“While the caseload has not increased drastically over the past years, the types of cases that require more attention from a prosecutor have risen,” Marshall-Oquendo said. “ That’s because these types of cases, such as driving with a suspended license, require appearance in court and are generally not disposed of on the first appearance. “
In May, Ashley Webb-Repp was appointed as city prosecutor to fill a vacancy left when Christopher Reecht resigned. At the June 20 meeting, the council appointed Corey Kenney as second city prosecutor.
According to the June 20 council action form, “the workload of the Municipal Court has increased to a volume where two prosecuting attorneys are necessary to help ensure that the Municipal Court Dockets proceed with the highest quality of judicial service.”
Traffic, misdemeanor and code violations are handled through the municipal court. Court is held on the second Tuesday and the following Wednesday of the month as well as the fourth Wednesday of the month. Court may not be held due to an observed holiday. The municipal judge may cancel or add additional court sessions as deemed necessary at any time.