Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I got a notice the other day, the Class of 1971 and the class of 1972 are once again having a joint class reunion, 45 and 44 years respectively.
We have them together so we can have enough in attendance to get a venue and have a band and some catering.
The GHS, yes, Gardner High School, class of 1972 had 98 graduates. We still had kids from Navy families and kids from Edgerton even though our name hadn’t been changed.
We lost two of our members before we ever walked to the stage for our diplomas. They were killed in two different car accidents. Right after school was out we lost one more and then another not so long after that. I am not sure how many of our class are still around. They were all good people. Kids we knew . They should have had more time, but they didn’t.
The class of 1971 has also lost a number of their class. I am not sure how many though.
I guess this is why we should attend these class get togethers. Of course not all of us were friends. Not all of us ran in the same circles. But a lot of us, traveled from kindergarten to graduation day together. We ate in the same cafeteria, played on the same playground. We walked in rain and snow between the big brick building and the high school between classes. We saw the Vietnam war unfolding in front of us. We watched young men we knew go to fight. Most came home, but some didn’t. We watched the world turn from our small town vantage point.
I have noticed as we get older, we sometimes need to right a wrong done years before to a person we knew. I had a friend of mine, who had long since moved away, call me out of the blue at the newspaper office. Could he stop by? He needed to return something of mine? I had loaned him copy of an album years ago. That copy was lost but he had found another one at a record store and wanted me to have it. We were even then. Just seeing him would have been enough. The album was a bonus.
Maybe these reunions should be a time to reminisce, but maybe they should also be a time to try and undo some of the injustices we did to each other when we were young and very foolish.
So if I run into you at a reunion or even just here in town and I bring up a long lost memory from school. Let me tell you I am sorry if it needs to be said. Or if I tell you thank you for an act of kindness you did.
If you graduated from 1971 or 1972, you can contact Mary Herbert for info. Time is getting near and they are still looking for classmates. She is on Facebook. Or call the newspaper office and I can get the phone numbers of the contact people to you. We still have time to say thank you and maybe have a laugh or two.