City staff and parties seeking approval of development plans for multi-family homes at Waverly Pointe, discuss dates available to reschedule items left unresolved after the June 28 planning commission meeting cancelled.  Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
The scheduled June 28 meeting of the Gardner Planning Commission was cancelled due to lack of quorum. Four members of the seven member commission were absent.
The three members present were Brett Limer, vice-chairman, and recently appointed members Tory Roberts and Tim Brady. Those absent were: Adrianna Meder, chairman; Karen Livella, Heath Freeman and Brad Austin.
Six city staff personnel were present.
Parties seeking approval of development plans for The Reserve at Waverly Point will have to wait a bit longer for commission consideration. The developers are planning to build several multi-family residential townhomes.
Some of the items from this June 28 agenda will be taken up at the July 26 planning commission meeting.
Other items require a public hearing, which will require a new published public notice, so those items will be pushed into August.
The planning commission is a citizen body that reviews development proposals for compliance with the city’s adopted plans and development policies, receives reports from city staff, conducts public hearings, and makes recommendations to the council.
The commission consists of seven members appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. Members serve without compensation for three-year terms.