It’s been a long time coming.
Finally, the purchase and discharge of fireworks is legal in Gardner, as they have been in Edgerton and Spring Hill.
Those Gardner residents who wish to use fireworks on July 3 and 4th will be able to do so without fear of a ticket or fine, between specific times.
To be honest, the Gardner fireworks’ ban was only sporadically enforced, and fireworks have been lighting up Gardner for as long as we can remember – although illegally.
The ordinance approved early this year regulates the days and times fireworks can be lit; and also allows the selling of fireworks within the city limits – subject to a proper permit and insurance.
Five permits were issued this year.
If embraced responsibly, this change could be a benefit to both residents – who can buy and shoot fireworks locally – and the city coffers – which stand to collect additional sales tax revenue.
Residents wishing to purchase, transport or discharge fireworks should check the specifics of the Gardner ordinance on the city’s website, and those who live in other communities or unincorporated Johnson County should verify fireworks are legal in their area.
For those who wish to discharge fireworks, safety and responsibility are key.