The old Johnson County Airport Commission locomotive is pictured here moving cars around New Century just moments after it was the topic of discussion at the June 22 JCAC meeting. JCAC ordered a new engine over a year ago and is still waiting for delivery. Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
The Johnson County Airport Commission (JCAC) met on June 22 and was updated on a number of projects, including a building that needs a new roof, another that needs a parking lot and the status of the JCAC locomotive.
Pump house needs roof
Johnson County Facilities Department has performed an inspection of the roof of the airport pump house. It’s a large building with four roof terraces on it. The roof is failing in a number of ways, and a new roof has been recommended.  Bids will be collected for the total roof replacement and is expected to be in the range of $180,000-$225,000. Temporary repairs, to hold over until a new roof is installed, are expected to cost around $8,000.
New parking lot for old Navy brig
The tenant in the old Navy brig building at 2 New Century Parkway, Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting (RIC), has reminded JCAC that a new parking lot was part of their lease agreement. An engineer’s estimate says the cost of the new parking lot would be around $77,000.
Where’s that locomotive?
The familiar yellow train engine often seen moving around New Century is awaiting replacement. Over a year ago JCAC contracted to purchase a new locomotive that has still not been delivered.
Larry Peet, deputy director of JCAC, said staff members had recently visited the vendor facility to inspect the new engine, and it was “nowhere near ready” for delivery. It will be at least another two weeks.
Peet said that if the current engine should fail, there was a contingency plan involving some type of equipment that could move train cars around the property on a temporary basis.
Discussion centered on evaluating if some type of concession should be expected to compensate for the late delivery.
Brad Weisenburger, chairman, asked if an extended warranty might be a part of that.
It was suggested that appropriate staff make contact with the vendor to let them know that waiting more than a year for delivery was unacceptable.
Review of board duties and responsibilities
The last portion of the morning meeting reviewed commission duties and responsibilities. An overview of the Airport Commission ByLaws was presented and the document was in the agenda packet.
The committee was also briefed on selected Kansas statutes pertaining to JCAC.