Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Fifteen times in the last 8 years our President has stepped up to the mike and told us about horrible acts of violence in our country committed by terrorists or radicals or just mentally unstable people.
I didn’t look at the list, so I am not sure if the Jewish Community Center shootings are included or not. That man had his own agenda and wasn’t involved with the forces guiding the rest of the slayings.
My heart aches for the parents and families and friends still waiting for word on their loved ones. It aches for those who already know the fate of their person.
A family member told me in a discussion about the shootings that if we were going to take a stand it would have been after Sandy Hook, when children were killed.
We live in the Midwest.
Our history revolves around firearms.
We live in a land that was settled by hardy, strong people. They used guns to provide food for their families, protect against animals and people wishing to do them harm.
People, here, to this day, have firearms, they hunt, they shoot sporting clays in tournaments, and they collect guns. It is a second amendment right. If you don’t like guns don’t have one. If you do, be responsible.
I, however, see no purpose in multiple fire assault type weapons. They have one purpose – to kill.
They are used in war.
Criminals are always going to have guns. They will always find a way to get ammo.
I don’t have a solution. It makes me sad to say.
I wonder if taking the assault rifles off the general market would help? I wonder if making ammo harder to come by would slow the process?
I know hunters can and do make their own ammo. They do re-loads. But not in bulk; it takes time.
I am sorry and sad my generation didn’t find a way to “give peace a chance.”
All of our chanting and protests and wishes and prayers didn’t do it. Humans are a warring, fighting, species. They always have been and probably always will be.
I have no solution. Do you?
Write a letter to the editor. Sign your name (We won’t publish without a signature). Provide a contact phone so we can verify who you are. Let’s try to come to a solution. Too many people are hurting and dying every day for this to go on.