Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I read a blog online by a woman who uses the name The Blogess.
She is young, funny and the mother of a soon to be teen daughter. She has a pretty ordinary life for someone who has written a couple of books.
Just a people, people. She has bouts of depression and writes of her struggles.
I am always really grateful when I think of going through life and not being depressed.
We all have times when the depression clouds go on forever (we think).
Or the dullness after the loss of loved ones makes you want to curl up under a blanket and hide.
But as a rule, I am pretty upbeat. I want to see the next sunrise, the next flower bloom, and so on.
It seems like people are more than willing to share their latest medical problem.
Be it ingrown toenail or sinus infection. We share.
Depression is pushed to the back of the closet and hidden away.
Maybe we feel a little inferior, we are sad, and everyone else seems to be not so sad.
Why can’t we feel happier?
Why can’t we make ourselves feel happier?
This young author – The Blogess – addresses her problem head on. She calls it out and struggles with those low, horrible feelings in front of her reading audience.
She has helped people realize the sadness by just writing it down.
I wonder if most families don’t have someone who has depression.
Most of us have witnessed a family who has lost a member to suicide. Suicide – I am told – is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Sounds reasonable.
If you know someone facing depression encourage them to get help.
Talk to a doctor or to a mental health professional.
Maybe search The Blogess out on line and read some of her columns.
There are other people fighting this condition every day.
But they get up and they go on.
Don’t give up.
Keep waiting for the next sunrise.