Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Kansas City just hosted a Comicon.
I know it was big business for the town, and in general they are big business wherever they are held.
I am not totally familiar with this whole world of comics, etc.
I know people dress as their favorite characters, and the costumes can be quite elaborate, detailed and ornate. The dressing up part is called cosplay (costume play).
Ok enough background…
Comics have been a part of my life from way back. From begging my older sisters and brother to read me the funnies to reading my favorite comic books – I have always enjoyed them.
My early ventures entailed walking the two blocks downtown to the Gardner Drugstore, owned by Mr. Lewis, to see if new comics and magazines had arrived.
I had to wait until a friend could go with me or a good hearted big brother.
You know – the streets of Gardner were wild back in the 60’s.
I favored Superman on the TV and Batman in comic books.
We would arrive at the drug store and head for the magazine isle. My brother was a fan of Mad Magazine, and I would wade into the comics.
Mr. Lewis would allow for some standing and reading, and then he would suggest purchasing our choice and having a nice day – reading was for home.
If money allowed, a Coke could be had for five cents – possibly even a little cherry flavor included. Sitting on those big red leather-ish counter stools and spinning.
Times were good.
While super heroes were nice and exciting, my heart went out to other characters. Archie and Veronica were always up to something, and Casper the friendly ghost never failed to make me happy.
Once I was older, I read Famous Monsters of Filmland. The monsters never changed. Wolfman always was the scariest. I can’t pass an old black and white version without sitting in front of my TV to watch.
To this day, however, the most frightening of all is Gort from The Day the Earth Stood still – or Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Those two still give me chills.
I doubt dressing like Veronica or Casper or even Wolfman or Robbie would be a good cosplay thing to do. Comics are much more sophisticated then when I was a kid.
I didn’t live my life for those books, and when the weather was good I was outside doing other things.
Whether your interests run to dogs, or fishing or quilts or gardening or reading, it is nice to be able to talk to those who share your “likes.” On the bank near a stream, in a book store, at a car show or even at a Comicon being around others who have the same hobby makes you feel good, to be included, part of a group.
I doubt I will be dressing up anytime soon to attend one of these conventions, but if it is your desire, go and have a great time.