Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Two items were on the agenda at the May 24 Gardner Planning Commission meeting.
One of those items had been previously approved by the commission but was sent back by city council for reconsideration. In January 2016, the planning commission adopted resolution PC-16-01 and forwarded the recommendation to city council. The resolution defines amendments to the I-35 and Gardner Road Interchange Subarea Plan, which is part of the larger Gardner Comprehensive Plan.
At the February meeting, city council considered the resolution. At that same meeting, council heard that some property owners had concerns with proposed zoning as defined in Future Land Use map 3-1. Council tabled the discussion, with direction for staff to contact the property owners and gather information.
At the May 2 meeting, council returned the item to the commission for reconsideration.
City staff has met with property owners, gathered information and presented the planning commission with a revised resolution, PC-16-02.
There are three property owners who voiced concerns.
One property has been zoned C-3 (commercial) until now. PC-16-01 proposed changing it to “Low Density Residential, “ but the owner wanted it to remain a commercial zone.
The revised draft, PC-16-02, recommends changing the zoning to Community Commercial.
Community Commercial designates an area for commercial uses that support nearby residential neighborhoods, such as commercial operations in small stand alone structures and shopping centers.
Regarding all the other properties, staff recommended the zoning proposed on Future Land Use map 3-1 remain unchanged.
The commission adopted PC-16-02, with Community Commercial change and description to the Land Use Descriptions section of the comprehensive plan.
The commission now will forward the revised resolution to city council for consideration.
Agenda Item No. 2 required a public hearing and commission consideration to recommend adoption of the final draft of the Land Development Code to city council.
If adopted by city council, the new code will repeal and replace existing Gardner city code concerning zoning, design standards and subdivisions.
In addition to zoning, the new code defines standards and requirements for subdivision design, construction, landscape, access, parking, signs and more.
The Land Development Code is available to the public on the city website at www.gardnerkansas.gov/development/economic-development/land-development-code.
There was discussion on certain items, primarily minor issues related to wording or typographical errors.
The code was approved by a 5-1 vote, subject to the condition that staff finalize the document with non-substantive changes to formatting, text or graphics.
The Land Development Code will now move on to city council, with the planning commission’s recommendation to adopt.