At one of several brief, apparently unrelated, executive sessions held at the Edgerton May 16 meeting, the city council voted to adjust the city administrator’s salary.
In a 5-0 vote, the council increased Beth Linn’s annual wage to $134,000, indicating studies of other private and public wage data had been reviewed in closed session.
USE WITH BETH LINN STORYInformation reviewed by the city council from the Mid America Regional Council indicates the Edgerton city administrator was making $102,000 prior to the increase; Mission Hills $128,000 and Shawnee $164,000.
Base salary for Gardner city administrator is $161,000,and Spring Hill is $104,000.
Linn was hired in 2011 with a base salary of $83,000, plus a car allowance of $300 per month and communication allowance of $100 per month. Her salary had been increased in 2013 and 2015 before increasing to $134,000 at the May 16 meeting, according to meeting minutes.
According to the 2011 contract, which remains in place, Linn accrues most benefits in accordance with the same rules and procedures as other full time employees including vacation, KPER’s, health insurance and sick leave.
There is no residency requirement.
As provided, the term of the original agreement is “for as long as City and Employee mutually agree that Employee shall serve the City as City Administrator.“ She is subject to annual performance evaluations.
Linn is required to provide sixty days notice if she resigns, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
Severance pay, according to the 2011 contract, is a lump sum cash payment equal to 12 pay periods of salary, including all accrued vacation and health insurance premiums, unless the administrator is charged with performing an illegal act.
Should the city council decide to terminate the contract, they must provide 10 days written notice providing the date of executive session for hearing of intent to terminate; however, if the termination is due to a criminal act, notice is reduced to three calendar days.
In two other executive sessions at the May 16 meeting:
Council recessed into closed session “for consultation with an attorney deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship to include city attorney and city administrator.”
According to the minutes of the May 16 meeting, the first closed session recessed and reconvened several times, and after each session it’s noted “Motion was approved 5-0” four times, with the final notation indicating no action was taken.
In the other closed door session, Clay Longanecker, council member, made a motion to adjourn for 15 minutes to discuss acquisition of real property. The motion was seconded by Jodey Brown, council member.
According to the minutes “Motion was approved 5-0,” followed by a brief recess; reconvening the regular meeting with “no action taken,” then “motion as approved 5-0” and meeting reconvened at 8:35 with no action taken.