Pam Stranathan
USD 231 Superintendent
To GEHS Graduates:
This week marks the end of a most memorable time in your life. Many years from now, each of you will look back on your high school years and reflect upon all the events and emotions you experienced during this time in your life.
You set a goal…to graduate, and now you are here. Hard work and determination were the means you used to accomplish your goal, driven by ambition. One of the most vital qualities you can possess is ambition. If you have no goals, your life has no purpose. Many people go through life without an aim and with no definite plan to follow, and therefore, they don’t accomplish much.
Ambition is an inescapable energy in your lives, a striving for more and better, an effort to prove yourself against others.
You can have an excellent education, and an excellent support system of friends and family, but without ambition, dreams cannot be realized. And your dreams are important, for without a dream, you can formulate no goals.
This is your lifetime. You should live it in a way that will allow you to experience the fulfillment of your dreams. As you move through life, you will come to understand that happiness is measured in various degrees. What brings one individual happiness might be misery for another. As individuals, you must determine through self-exploration what it will take to make your life happy. Once you have determined this, you must determine your objectives, based on your goals and work to make your dreams come to fruition.
As graduating seniors, each of you should look into all aspects of various careers and decide which ones appeal to you and best match your interests and aspirations. This won’t be an easy or quick process, and will involve serious contemplation, research and exploration. As you consider your future options, listen to the advice of others, but be true to yourself. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
This weekend’s graduation ceremony is merely a first step. The rest is up to you and your ability to recognize those things that will make you happy, as well as your ability to plan accordingly to achieve your goals. All of us at USD 231 want to see you achieve your goals, and we wish you all the success your ambition can help you attain.