Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
The 60’s and even the 70’s were full of protest. Protesting for Civil Rights, protesting the rights of women, protesting a war that was extremely controversial.
Young people in colleges were drawing their lines in the sand, along with young people and older people everywhere. In my opinion college is the time people learn to question what has been taught to them. They learn to voice their opinions and seek change.
Some of those young people even died for their convictions. Don’t ever forget Kent State. Dr. Marin Luther King believed in peaceful protest. Sometimes the loudest words are spoken in whispers.
Many good things came from the times and the cause’s people stood up for. African Americans were allowed to move from the segregated sections to wherever they wanted to be. Women could actually have any job they wanted. The pay thing is still a little off but it is a work in progress.
Things change sometimes for the best. Peaceful protest is good.
Once people meander into their 30’s and on upward, those visits to the good old soapbox, get fewer and fewer. You are so interested in feeding your family, making a place in a job world and watching over aging parents, not much time is left. Soapbox visits for most of us are sort of limited to folks who drive with their heads in a place other than their shoulders. Or injustice’s done to their children.
My personal stand for the past 20 years or so has been live and let live. Follow the rules and what consenting adults do in their homes is their own business. I do get tired of big and small government passing laws. As someone who gets to read a lot of legals, let me tell you there are a lot of laws out there. Some good, some bad and some that aren’t even enforceable. One of my concerns was, are there library police and do I have any books from way back I have forgotten to return? I am hoping the answer is no.
The college students are up in voice and protest over the so called ‘bathroom bills” and the right for folks to deny service to the (LGBT) that is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual section of the population. Plus it seems there are gender definitions beyond those four designations. I don’t think those laws are the solution. I think there are other possibilities. You must teach and inform people for them not to be afraid of what they don’t understand.
Inequality, in any form, is bad in my book. We all have rights. Sometimes those rights require we step up, speak out and defend out position. Sometimes we watch and see what happens.
A very dear friend of mine once told me, as I was getting out that stick and ready to draw that line. He said “if you draw a line in the sand be prepared to hold your ground till the issue is resolved.” Words for thought. Take a moment, step back, and see what else can be done.
Of course the other option is to draw that line and then wait and see if the rain washes it away.