Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
April Swartz, an auditor from Varney & Associates attended the April 28 Edgerton City Council meeting to present a summary of a 2015 audit of the city’s financial statements.
The audit, which looks for errors, discrepancies and violations, went well for the city.
“We had no findings. There were no statutory violations, so there was nothing to report except good things. No budget violations, no cash violations, no statutory violations,” Swartz said.
“All we saw was a very efficient city with excellent records,” she later added.
Don Roberts, mayor, thanked Beth Linn, city administrator, and city staff for their hard work that resulted in this report. Roberts also said, “I’m glad to see that our financial reports and audits are coming back with high marks.”
Contractor licensing requirements
The council considered Ordinance 1015 that revised city code pertaining to contractor’s licensing requirements.  Council had discussed this topic in January and favored different code requirements for residential and commercial code.
The revisions mean that certain types of construction and repair on residential property, such as fences, decks, driveways, flatworks, and other repairs or replacement, do not require a licensed contractor.
The motion to adopt the ordinance carried with a 3-1 vote.
Charlie Troutner, council member, voted ‘no.’
Service provider selected
The council approved a master agreement for professional planning and engineering services with Schafer, Kline and Warren, Inc. The agreement creates a relationship with the firm to provide third party services on an as needed basis.
Kenneth Cook, community development director, made the staff recommendation.
Council vote was 4-0 to approve. Cindy Crooks, council member, was absent.
Alcohol prohibition temporarily lifted
A public hearing and two resolutions concerned selling liquor on Frontier Days, June 17 – 18 was discussed by the council.
The Frontier Days Association had earlier requested a two day waiver of the prohibition against serving alcohol within 300 feet of a library.
Resolution 04-28-16A waives the prohibition on serving and consumption on certain public property. It also recognizes the event as a “Public Festival,” which also temporarily waives the city’s noise restrictions.
Resolution 04-28-16B authorizes a special event permit for the sale and consumption of alcoholic liquor on certain public property.
Both resolutions were approved with a 4-0 vote.
Consent of assignment
The council also voted 4-0 to carry a motion consenting to the partial assignment of a resolution of intent from Edgerton Land Holding Company LLC to ELHC, LLC.
Street maintenance program
Trey Whitaker, public works superintendent, showed maps and provided details outlining progress and plans of the street maintenance program for 2016 – 2017.
The council spent about 30 minutes reviewing and discussing the topic and then adopting the program.
They also accepted a proposal from Harbor Construction for the 2016 chip and seal program.
Award payment
At 9:05 p.m. the council recessed into executive session for about 20 minutes.
Upon resuming, a motion was presented and carried to pay $106,500 for “award determination by appraisers,” in regards to the Waverly Road drainage easement LPKC sewer project.
Council then recessed into a second executive session to discuss personnel matters, and upon resuming, adjourned.