The Johnson County Airport Commission (JCAC) has chosen to negotiate with VanTrust, LLC, as lead developer for a project that will make hundreds of acres of land at New Century AirCenter available for industrial-commercial use.
There are two parcels of land to be developed. One includes 400 acres in the southeast portion of the property and the other is 300 acres in the northeast section.
Colin McKee, executive director, indicated that it might take a couple of months to iron out all the details of master development agreements.
“We have quite a bit of work to do ahead of us, primarily being, coming up with a new incentives policy,” he said.
McKee also said they want to bring in all parties early, including the fire district and school district, to work towards making sure they are “fully supportive” of what JCAC is trying to do.
In other business:
The commission was also scheduled to consider leasing a plot of land to a  potential tenant that wishes to establish a car wash business there.
The site location for the proposed car wash is a 1.4 acre plot sitting on the northwest corner of Sante Fe and Cedar Niles road (directly to the north of the Gardner Wal-Mart store).
JCAC has owned the property since 1978.
In the process of considering the property lease, an issue was discovered regarding legal descriptions of the property and its boundaries.
The car wash lease discussion was tabled, due to these issues, which must be resolved with the Kansas before the land can be leased.
There was no estimate of how long that might take.
The commission considered and approved the 2017 budget and C.I.P.
Brad Weisenburger, chairman, described it as “basically, a break even budget.”
McKee noted that 2015 ended with a $5.4 million reserve balance and said, “We’re trying to preserve that reserve balance going into 18, 19, when we have another big project.”
The “big project” referred to is a $3 million wastewater systems improvement.
Those funds may also be needed to keep the development project moving.
“As we move forward with the master developer, we may need to use some of those funds for infrastructure improvements, as part of developmental design,” said McKee.
The next meeting of JCAC is scheduled for May 25.