Drug test politicians and elected officials at state and federal levels.
There’s a lot of talk about drug testing welfare recipients, but the amount of money spent on our poor pales in comparison to salary, retirement, stipends and benefits paid to professional politicos. We’re talking about elected officials and those appointed to key positions.
With all of the craziness we see in Congress and at the Capitol, we believe those in charge of setting policy and passing laws or regulations that directly impact the average taxpayer should be drug tested.
And the results made public.
We know this flies in the face of privacy, but it’s no different than asking food stamp recipients using taxpayer funds to submit to testing.
Tax money is tax money, after all. And, government has invaded nearly every area of our lives; regulating our vehicles, our homes, who we marry and what bathrooms we use.
They’ve set regulations that monitor our blood level and what type of cold medicine we buy.
They’re obsessed with our sexuality – both in practice and orientation.
They establish “feel good” advisory panels and committees that accomplish nothing; then establish boards to repeal archaic laws that never get repealed.
They tinker with public education; whether it be funding or curriculum; but always wind up in court, costing taxpayers more money.
Drug test politicos.
Make it public.
And not just for illegal drugs.
Tell us about the Viagra, the psychotrophic drugs, the anti depressants and mood elevators.
Tell us about the codeine and Oxycontin and all opiate derivatives.
And the alcohol. We want to know about that, too.
These are the people making decisions that will make or break our nation. We need to be sure they are of sound mind and good health.
Drug test them.
We have to pass drug tests before we get a job.