The volunteer spirit is alive and well in our area.
From Boy Scouts assisting senior citizens with Spring clean up, to “Greenie” greeting Earth Day volunteers, or local school students purchasing trees, area residents were actively – positively – assisting others this past week.
Earth Day was no exception. Founded in 1970, Earth Day has grown to encompass almost 200 nations, and it was estimated over a billion people would participate in events in 2016. Earth Day celebrates – and works to protect – our environment.
Area residents got involved and locally more than 200 volunteers participated in Gardner’s citywide clean up at the Greenway Corridor.
District wide, schools also participated in Earth Day events. Classes had various activities including recycling, re-purposing and learning how to be “green.”
At Madison Elementary, a total of 590 trees were purchased through Kansas Forest Service’s Conservation Tree Planting Program. The Kansas Forest Service was created by the legislature in 1887 to serve communities and twice annually offers both bareroot and container-grown seedlings for sale.
But volunteer spirit didn’t stop at Earth Day.
Gardner’s local police department participated in a county wide event, “Shoot Out” to Benefit Special Olympics Kansas, that raised $14,000 for Special Olympics.
And area students participated in a “pink” tournament to raise funds for a high school teacher who has cancer.
Edgerton residents volunteered time for Edgerton Elementary’s carnival.
Those are just a few of the recent events that demonstrate what our residents are about.
Every week we get information from community service organizations and volunteers about events planned that will have a positive impact on our communities.
Most of these unsung heroes don’t clamor for attention or profit from their endeavors; they quietly go about organizing and participating in events content in the knowledge they are helping others – and in the process making our communities better for all.