The public is invited to spend the day exploring the Mildale Farm property from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. during a free public event.
Visitors can explore and picnic on the 158-acre site including the 22-acre rental property as well as about 136 acres of adjacent agricultural property, all of which was purchased by JCPRD in 2005.
Visitors will be directed to park in the large parking lot near Mildale Farm’s main barn which features peg construction and a hand-laid brick floor. Arts and Craft activities for the kids will take place in the main barn. Catch-and-release fishing in any or all of seven ponds within the 158-acre area will also be offered, so bring bait and tackle. While District fishing permits have been waived for this event, Kansas residents ages 16 to 74 and nonresidents 16 and older need to have a Kansas state fishing license.
Restrooms will be available, but the property’s two homes and other outbuildings will not be open during this event. No alcohol is allowed, pets must be on-leash, and vehicles must remain on roadways.
For more information, contact Sarah Vogelsberg at (913) 826-2957.