Rain gardens, rain barrels and strips of native vegetation to help reduce storm water runoff may be eligible for a 50 percent cost-share under a storm water program offered thru Gardner.
“The county has had this program for several years,” said Tim McEldowney, Gardner city engineer . “This is the first year that the City of Gardner has participated.”
“Much of Gardner is relatively flat and many residents have problems with drainage during large storms,” McEldowney continued. “This program will provide some options that may improve residents drainage while also improving the stormwater runoff quality. In addition, some of the BMP’s will reduce the need for water, saving on utility bills.”
Once applications are approved, residents may receive a 50 percent match, up to $1,000 for rain gardens, native planting swales/buffers, cisterns and permeable pavement on driveways and patios. A 50 percent match of up to $75 each for eligible rain barrels and native trees may also be available.
Storm water is water from rain or melting snow that “runs off” driveways, parking lots, roads, yards, rooftops and other hard surfaces rather than being absorbed into the ground. Because this water picks up pollutants on the way to the nearest waterway it can cause water pollution, flooding and/or erosion along stream banks.
“ The program will help the city meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to improve the quality of our water,” McEldowney said.
Gardner and the Johnson County Storm water Management Program have partnered to provide up to $10,000 in funds for eligible storm water management programs. The program’s goal is to encourage homeowners and businesses to help improve water quality.
The program is intended to defray the cost of materials and/or labor.
To qualify, applications must be submitted and approved by Gardner Public Works, and the project must be completed by October 31 the year of the application. Applications will be funded in the order received and may be limited by the amount of funding available.