Seth Gunkel gives a hydroponic demonstration during Comet Tech 4-H’s montly meeting. Photo courtesy of Seth Gunkel

Seth Gunkel
Club reporter
The monthly meeting of the Comet Tech 4-H club was held at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 at the County Extension Office in Olathe. In attendance were 16 members and one guest.
Preston Simpson, president, called the meeting to order. Jesse Gunkel, secretary, took roll and read the minutes from the previous meeting. Seth Gunkel, club reporter, reported about an article about the club’s Harvesters donation and the club’s potluck was published in the Gardner News and Clover Clips.
Anthony Graham, parliamentarian, demonstrated the order of a club’s business meeting through cards held by club members who had to find their order in a lineup of which activity of a meeting comes first, second, and so on.
Connor Bichelmeyer, health and safety officer, gave a report about good dental care and diseases related to poor dental hygiene.
Nicholas Bodkin, wit and wisdom officer, shared some brain teasers.
There were three project talks.
Seth Gunkel talked about hydroponics and gave a demonstration on how to set up a simple Hydroponics system.
David Torez gave a talk about why he feels the Microsoft Band 2 is better than the Apple Watch.
Anthony Graham gave a short talk about the Etymology project.
The leaders of the club and the robotics project leader gave certificate recognitions to the robotics team which got 15th place out of 160 teams at nationals.
The meeting was adjourned.