Moonlight Elementary students and staff are once again participating in the 6th annual 24-hour Challenge of Fitness. The 24-hour Challenge will begin on Thursday, April 14, at 9 a.m. and end on Friday, April 17, at 9 a.m.
Students will have 48 days prior to the challenge dates to complete 24 hours worth of various fitness activities (average 30 minutes each day). The amount of daily exercise will be recorded on an activity log and returned to school. Classrooms that return the most logs (students and family members) will make their teacher wake up between 12 a.m. -4 a.m. and exercise for 30 minutes during the challenge days.  In addition, all students will run/walk/move during the challenge day to keep the fitness relay going.
This year, the 24-Hour Challenge will be completed relay style to promote a personal “fill in the blank” theme of “We _______ to exercise and promote physical fitness.”  Students and families will choose what type of activity works best for them such as swimming, riding bikes, running, walking, etc.
Since the challenge began in 2011, Moonlight students and families have covered over 3,000 miles, and Mr. Amos has run a total of 526 miles.
The goals for the 24 Hour Challenge are:
• increasing and maintaining consistent daily physical activity,
• setting a goal and reaching that goal,
• trying new fitness activities at home,
• encouraging others to participate in healthy habits,
• developing healthy eating habits for a lifetime,
• and, having fun!
Parents and families are invited to join the students on the playground/gym during the evening between 4 – 8 p.m.  To promote healthy choices, students are being challenged to bring in dry and canned food goods and hygiene items that will be donated to the Gardner Multi-Service Center.   Last year students donated over 2,500 items. Moonlight Elementary staff and students strive to make healthy choices for all students and the community.
“The goal of our challenge is to inspire a lifelong habit of good fitness and nutrition for our students and families of Moonlight,” said Amos.  “By the enthusiasm I see in this Challenge year after year, our goal is continually met with the opportunity to set even higher expectations for the next year.”
Moonlight Elementary is located at 17960 S. Moonlight Road, Gardner, Kansas.