At their April 4 meeting, the Gardner City Council approved a request for waiver of the distance limitation to allow for sale of cereal malt beverages within 200 feet of a school, church or library during the Festival on the Trails event to be held on June 10 and 11.
Prior to council vote, a public hearing was held and no public comments were made.
The council also approved a general retailer special events waiver allowing Festival on the Trails Association to sell cereal malt beverages for consumption on the premises on June 10 – 11.
Council also discussed authorizing the $32,370 purchase of ten Panasonic CF-54 laptop computers, also called ‘toughbooks,’ for the police department.
Toughbook laptops are designed for rugged use and are standard for the 24-7 demands of police and military. This expenditure also includes extended warranty, operating system upgrade and computer cradles for vehicle mounting.
The council authorized the administrator to make the purchase.