The Gardner Edgerton High School chapter of the National Technical Honor Society recently inducted 24 members. Photo courtesy of USD 231

On March 22, Gardner Edgerton High School initiated 24 students into the newly chartered chapter of National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). NTHS has a mission to “honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.”
The 24 students represent eight of the Career and Technical Education Pathways.  Lindsey Ross and Shelley Valvero, GEHS teachers, sponsor the program and recognized the students who completed the following pathways.
Visual Arts/Interior Design : Brooke Boyer; Ashley Gilges; Kelli Porter and Lisa Thepsouphanh.
Family & Community: Raegan Barrows; Madyson Mueller and Shae VanDeBergh.
Marketing Management : Josh Sola
AV Communications: Sydney Borstelman; Brooke Boyer; icole Johnson; Nikayla Kussatz; Daniel Beyer; Samantha Boring and Shyanne McGown.
Teacher Training: Hope Bruno; Cyan Gaeta; Lindsey Plank; Juliet Ramsdell and Miranda Tenove.
Construction: James Edwards
Mobile Equipment Maintenance: Moises Suarez
Web & Digital Communications: Chase Johnson; Jesse Molenda and Lauren Stephenson
Each student met the following requirements to be initiated:
• Overall cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0
• Career and Technical Education Concentrator with CTE Grade Point Average of at least 3.25 (taken at time of application)
• Less than 10 absences for the school year
• No disciplinary suspensions
• Ability to follow instructions/Work well with others
• Dependable/Responsible/Honest/Good Attitude/Good Leadership Skills
• Involved with extra-curricular activities and/or employed
• CTE Teacher Recommendation