Easter week.
And a tale of two cities.
One received media attention by announcing Amazon was bringing 1,000 jobs to their community. Media attention focused on the façade of a new warehouse.
The other announced their city council had declined to raise the purchase age of tobacco products, and the media focused on a burning cigarette stub gripped in teenage fingers, and officials championing individual rights.
One community has a social media page with comments and positive posts announcing job fairs, community events and accolades for businesses brought to town.
The other has a social media page gloating over the closing of a local business, sniping and inside jokes among elected officials posted online, and complaints that the city government sends businesses down the road.
One has a city council that disagrees, discusses, puts egos aside and works progressively to bring business to town, putting their best foot forward.
The other has a city council that’s enthusiastic and well intentioned, but fails to work cohesively and often appears fractured , disjointed and self-important.
It’s a tale of two cities.
One school district.
One large community of wonderful people.
Just a reflection of one week of internet babble.
It was Easter week.
“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
What do you want the outside perception of our communities