KC Wolf recently visited students at Spring Hill Middle School. Submitted photo

The week of March 7 was National School Breakfast Week – “Wake Up to School Breakfast.”To help celebrate the week KC Wolf joined Spring Hill Middle School sixth graders for breakfast and then the Fit for Life program presentation.
Students learned about proper eating for a healthy lifestyle and the importance of 60 minutes of daily physical activity.
Dan Meers (KC Wolf) talked about the importance of being healthy for his job. Being a mascot is more than just putting on a costume. His job involves dancing, running, jumping, and much more, all while wearing a heavy mascot suit. To emphasize this point one lucky student was able to be KC Wolf during the presentation. Meers is a firm believer that “when you learn to think only of the best and work for the best, you can start to expect the best.”
“I’m passionate about encouraging young people to be their best,” he told students during his presentation. “That begins by learning to make healthy choices when it comes to taking care of their bodies. What I love about the Fit for Life program is that it encourages young people to get at least 1 hour of physical activity each day and to fuel their bodies by eating a well-balanced diet. I’m thankful to have a platform as an NFL mascot to get to share that message with a lot of students all over the Midwest,” said Meers.
Jenna Jones, assistant middle school principal, reported, “The breakfast promotion with KC Wolf was a fun way to spread the message of healthy eating and the importance of exercise. The staff and students at Middle School North had a great time! We want to thank Jayci Dalton, Director of Nutrition Services for organizing this wonderful event.”