Members of the Boys’ Team include: Greg Beaumont, Tanner Morrison, Phillip Motley, Keegan St Clair, Samson Long, Colton Cassida, Kolbee Finnell, Doug Brush, Brandon Estes, Hunter Skeens, Eric Daniels, Dustin Carstens, Jared Highfill, Keegan Michael, Darius Landis, Emilio Oropeza, Jonas Pippitt, Tyler Henry, Jack Mills, Jordan Jones, Griffin Johns, David Valiente, Marshall Carpenter, Sam Stranathan, Hayden Mulford and Hunter Mulford. Members of the Girls’ team include: Roesha Daniels, Chelsey Gilliand, Cortlyn Tryon, Gracie Moorehouse, Malibu McIntire, Sariah Hull, Kate Clark, Sydney Anderson, Kelsey Leffert, Cassidy Androff, Harper Hmielewski, Lauren Strick, Macey Elkinton and Destiny Van Gordon. Submitted photo

The GEHS Trailblazer power weight lifters traveled to Wichita on March 4, to participate in the 6A state powerlifting championship and walked away with dual championship titles. Both boys and Firls team claimed first place competing against eight other 6A teams.
Each lifter competed in three different lifts (bench, squat, and power clean). The total pounds lifted were added to determine individual champions in each weight class. Team points were then awarded at each weight class and the Blazer girls and boys teams each claimed state championship titles.
Finishing with a state champion title in their weight class for the boys team were: Kolbee Finnell – squat/clean, Keegan Michael – squat, Jonas Pippitt – bench/squat/clean, David Valiente – squat
Finishing with a state champion title in their weight class for the girls’ team were: Roesha Daniels – Squat, Lauren Stick – bench/squat
Girls state record lifts: Kelsey Leffert – 180 lbs. (clean), Cassidy Androff – 165 lbs. (clean) and Lauren Strick – 335 lbs. (squat)
Boys state record lifts: Greg Beaumont – 200 lbs. (bench) , Dustin Carstens – 425 lbs. (squat) , Jonas Pippitt – 355 lbs. (bench) 500 lbs. (squat) and Hunter Mulford – 525 lbs. (squat)