Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Five days a week I have a ringside or maybe a front row seat to the vehicles traveling on Main in Gardner.
From my desk I can almost tell the time of day by the traffic volume and noise.
Almost daily there are sirens and emergency vehicles at 3:20 or so. It always makes me cringe because that is a little too close to the dismissal time for school. It is spring and kids and adults get a case of spring fever.
Drivers have a tendency to roll down the windows, crank up the radio and enjoy life.
I remember all too well the feeling of being 10 feet tall and indestructible during those high school years.
My real reason for writing, however, is the traffic lights at Elm and Main St. This is an intersection I hear all day, but I also pass through in my vehicle numerous times a day.
When crossing Main with the light, you have to make certain you don’t hurry once you get the green signal. Every day, people go through that light on RED. I don’t mean yellow, I mean full on RED.
I am not sure if these folks are not paying attention, or if they believe they are entitled to travel without obeying traffic signals. I know our police are out working and overseeing the town, and this may not be their priority.
I also know from the sound of traffic and large and small vehicles that a lot of them are not traveling 35 mph on this section of Main. When you hear the brakes squeal, and horns honk,you hope the next noise isn’t the sound of a crash.
A lot of the drivers here in town do not want to pay for a vehicle to be repaired after another driver runs a red light. A lot of us have one vehicle, and we need to keep it working to get us to work and where we need to travel. This doesn’t even count the fact you could be seriously injured or hospitalized.
With all the public notices we have published in The Gardner News, I am pretty sure the ordinance about traffic signals still remains the same. I have never noticed an amendment saying the lights are just a suggestion.
Green still means go, yellow still means prepare to stop, and red still means stop.
Please drive defensively in town and wherever you go.
These days you have to drive for your safety and watch out for those who choose not to follow the rules.