Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
My sound track has some awesome music from the 60’s. Some tunes from the 50’s, which make me remember my older siblings, and a few from the 40’s which are just classy pieces.
In an election year we have politicians using music, as background pieces, to attract our attention. Our ears sort of perk up when we hear an old familiar tune. The song that comes to mind is a Simon and Garfunkel piece called “They’ve All Come to Look for America”. Bernie Sanders is using this one. I start humming the lyrics never realizing once again I have been sucked into……. An earworm
I am sure you have all had an earworm never considering this little gem had a name.
Disney had a little movie last year called “Inside Out”. An animation movie about the stuff that runs through your head. It explained the no rhyme or reason for tunes popping up unexpectedly in your thought process.
The music used in the political ads is very well thought out, well placed music to draw a specific audience. This tune is aimed at the baby boomers. Catchy music, good wholesome patriotic lyrics. Simpler times and lifestyles.
It is ok to enjoy a good earworm for a while. It is nice to remember what was. But doggone it, Simon and Garfunkel are singing to me just as I want to fall asleep. Re adjusting your sleep after daylight savings has come isn’t easy anyway.
“Laughing on the bus,
Playing games with the faces,
She said the man in the gabardine suit
Was a spy.
I said, “Be careful,
His bow tie is really a camera.”
So in my mind I sing these lines. And then I am awake.
I turn on the radio to distract me from the song and finally drift off to sleep.
The reprieve is short however, Bernie is on very early in the morning. Soon I am off again on that bus, looking for America. Humming the chorus as I read my e-mails and news items. There was a cute cartoon on my news page. A variation on “The Age of Aquarius”. Now I have the Fifth Dimension and Simon and Garfunkel dueling for ear worm space. And dueling, and fighting.
In the end harmony and understanding won out. The worm peeking out of my ear has on bell bottoms and a tie dyed bandanna. It won’t last though. Once I get home I know what I will hear.
I am hoping Mr. Sanders picks a new tune, soon. Real soon. The bus ride is getting long and I am growing weary.