While substitute teaching within USD 231 schools, a distinct pleasure and learning experience for me, it has confirmed what this newspaper reports of the high level of learning achieved confirmed by the Kansas Board of Education in our schools.
In a January assignment, I told class that the “word of the day” is: allegiance. Meaning: “commitment or loyalty.” Then, a young man, began to sing the “National Anthem.” Classmates joined as did I. When done, a guy classmate chided singer who began the class “sing-along,” saying, “That’s not the Pledge of Allegiance.” Wow!
I was pleased that these young people knew our national anthem, but impressed that they weren’t fearful of “peer pressure;” and sang Star Spangled Banner with no prodding. Simply, showing allegiance.
Respect, appreciation or subconscious “thank you” for rights, that Americans have been granted in our daily lives, may have prompted this most respectful act by Gardner Edgerton High School students.
USD 231 administration, and GEHS principal and staff, are to be commended for the open-minded, patriotic mindset and efficient learning environment established in our schools.
Thank you.

Danny O’Connor
“Mr. Dan”
(Postman Dan O’Connor, retired)