Several Blazers brought back gold medals and meet records at the 6A State power lifting meet at Wichita Southeast High School last week.
All told, GEHS won both the boys and girls divisions in the elite eleven team field.
“The kids really competed well and it was another fun day,” said Coach Marvin Diener.
At 123 pounds, Greg Beaumont placed third overall, but was the state champion in the bench press.
At 132 pounds, Tanner Morrison took third overall while Phillip Motley took fourth and Keegan St. Clair, fifth overall.
At 140 pounds, Samson Long finished fourth and Colton Cassida was sixth.
At 148 pounds, Kolbee Finnell was declared state champion and also had a state champion squat and clean lift. In that same division, Doug Brush took second and Brandon Estes took fourth.
At 156 pounds, all East Kansas League running back Hunter Skeens took third place overall.
At 165 pounds, Eric Daniels took sixth overall while Dustin Carstens took second overall at 172 pounds. Carstens was state champion in the squat lift.
All League cornerback Jared Highfill took sixth place in that same division.
GEHS got another State title from running back Keegan Michael who took top honors at 185 pounds. He was also declared the state title in the squat.
All EKL linebacker Jonas Pippitt had a big day. He won the state title at 198 pound and also state titles in the bench, squat, and clean.
Tyler Henry took fourth in that same division and Jack Mills took fifth.
At 220 pounds, Jonas Jones finished second overall and Blazer quarterback Griffin Johns took fourth overall.
David Valiente emerged a state champion at 242 pounds. He also won the state bench lifting title. Marshall Carpenter claimed third place in the same division.
Sam Stranathan was second in the heavyweight division. Hayden Mulford took sixth, while Hunter Mulford won the state bench lifting title.
All told, the boys scored 118 points and won the team title.