The 175th and 191st street interchanges at I-35 were both identified as areas suitable for annexation in Gardner’s Growth Management Strategy. Those two areas were identified as areas that could serve as conduits for community growth.
Plans to annex property southeast of the 175th Street interchange were announced by Chris Morrow, mayor, at his state of the city address last week.
“The city has been approached by the fine folks at Day3, LLC and VanTrust Real Estate. We’re interested in developing a nearly 300 acre mixed use retail and industrial project on the southeast corner of I-35 and 175th street,” Morrow said. Further discussion regarding the potential annexation was discussed at the March 7 council meeting.
Adopted in November 2015, the Growth Management Strategy outlined and provided guidance for future growth and development. The following items were considered:
• Identify areas appropriate for growth and prioritize
• Prepare preliminary cost estimates to provide municipal services
• Project revenues to be generated within those areas
• Determine course of action for planned growth and evaluate current policies and options.
More than 43,400 vehicles per day travel the 175th Street interchange with 27,700 vehicles existing and moving west along US-56 and 9,400 vehicles exiting and going east along 175th. The traffic totals at 191st Street and I-35 are 33,200 vehicles per day with 8,745 vehicles moving north along Gardner Road and 300 vehicles moving west along 191st Street into the Intermodal facility. These two intersections are identified as “transporation hubs.”
“To plan for the transportation system, land will need to be set aside for future access roads and a new intersection at Moonlight Road that can help the community jump the barrier created by the Interstate,” according to the report.
Short-term and mid-term growth along 191st would utilize roundabouts to allow for the placement of a new intersection on the north side of I-35 along Gardner Road to 191st Street aligning the access ramps. A matching roundabout would be located on the south side of I-35 aligning 191st Street, Gardner Road and the access ramps to I-35.
The report suggests a similar system at Moonlight Road with a future interchange between the existing 183rd Street intersection crossing I-35 and connecting into a future Frontage Road on the south side of I-35. The road system at 175th Street and I-35 would be developed by a private developer when the property is platted and designed.
Gardner currently has a formal annexation agreement with Olathe and DeSoto, but does not have an agreement with Spring Hill or Edgerton.