Possible commercial and residential growth on the Southeast side of the 175th Street interchange is good news for Gardner.
During his State of the City address last week Chris Morrow, mayor, announced a possible 300 acre mixed use retail and industrial project with developers Day3, LLC and VanTrust Real Estate.
The city has talked for years about jumping I-35 and annexing that corner, but prior plans for a big box store fell thru with the last recession.
This area – along with the 191st Street interchange – is a key growth area for Gardner, and it’s important future growth is managed and developed.
The plan also discusses a future Moonlight Rd. interchange between the existing 183rd Street intersection crossing I-35 and connecting with a future Frontage Road on the south side of I-35.
Kudos to city staff and elected officials who have planned ahead with the Growth Management Strategy, adopted last year. The plan prioritizes development and summarizes key areas such as: utilities, traffic flow, preliminary cost estimates, existing annexation agreements and policy development.
For too long Gardner has struggled with political infighting and inconsistency when it comes to economic development; it’s nice to see the current council and staff strategize and mature into a governing body that focuses on Gardner’s future.