Crosswalk Awareness 2.0

I again intend to work with the city this summer to get the word out about crosswalk safety. This past summer the city agreed to recognize a Crosswalk Safety Awareness program by putting an insert into the electric bills, and for a short time afterwards, it seemed to be working and drivers were paying attention.
With only a few months before school is out and kids are walking throughout the city, it’s important to note that the program the city initiated, only went so far in explaining the law.
This year I hope to work with the city once again in defining what Kansas state law states, which is that “pedestrians entering the crosswalk have the right of way.” What got lost in translation is probably the most important issue of the law. When a person enters the truncated dome, aka the dish or tray of the crosswalk, and before entering the street, by definition they have the right of way.
While more and more residents are stopping for persons who enter the crosswalk, there are still those who don’t quite understand. I’ve personally witnessed children in a crosswalk, and in the middle of the street, waving their arms to get the attention of drivers who pass right by them.
It’s both my hope and intention that by writing this letter to the editor, we can get more people on board and get the word out there. I would ask that you please take the time to inform your family and friends of this often overlooked statute, which may one day help to save a life.

Gary Carson
Gardner, KS