Web based software for USD 231’s Individual Education Program went live this month. Software for the new program was unanimously approved by the board of education in February, 2015.
“The program was initiated this past month and has been successful overall in providing great service to our staff,” said Dr. Judy Martin, director of special services.
An IEP is meant to address each child’s unique learning capabilities  and include specific educational goals for students who qualify for special education services.
“We are thrilled to have initiated this program in the district,” said Martin. “Not only does the new IEP program allow special education staff  greater efficiencies and easily accessible information on student caseloads but most of all, it opens up valuable time to focus on learning.”
About 990 students are on IEPs. The one time cost for software was about $41,500, and $12 for each IEP.
The old program was antiquated, built in 2002.
“It did not have the capability to interface with the district’s data management system.  This new program interfaces with the district as well as the Kansas State Department of Education data system,  which is vital in data reporting,” according to Martin. “The new program is much more efficient.”
In the new software, many of the data fields are pre-populated.  Forms have been customized to fit district needs, but the biggest benefit is the program’s functionality interfacing with the other data systems.
“Teacher caseloads and departmental information will be at our fingertips saving an enormous amount of time. In addition, numerous reports can be generated from  this data which can be invaluable to our staff,” Martin said.