The Parents as Teachers program achieved 92 percent or higher on most performance measures. In 2015, about 130 families totaling 160 children between the ages of birth to three were served.
“In the first few years, children grow and learn at a faster pace than any other time in life,” according to Vicky Harmon, PAT coordinator. “Parenting skills must adapt to the changes in their child’s development.” Harmon says understanding those changes is a very important parenting role.
“Parents as Teachers can assist parents in feeling confident, help reduce stress, and increase the pleasure and joy of parenthood,” she said. “From the start, a parent is the child’s first and most important teacher. The USD 231 Parents as Teachers program provides parents the knowledge and skills to help shape the life of their child.”
The past school year, four parent educators conducted nearly 900 home visits, and 24 group connections were offered with 72 percent of the families in attendance. Members of the PAT staff include Harmon, Carol Vawter, Ann Rogers and Julie Strickland.
The vision of the PAT program is: All children will learn,grow and develop to realize their full potential.
PAT scored above 92 percent in all but one measurement in the implementation of the National Essential Requirement. Essential requirements include: infrastructure, staffing, leadership, supervision, assessment, goal setting, visit planning, personal visits, group connections, screening, resource networking and family feedback.
Parents as Teachers provide parents with child development information, support,and encouragement during their first 3 years of life.
It is a free parent education program for parents of children ages birth to three.