Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
Starting today Edgerton residents who have more than the allowed maximum of animals per new revisions to the city ordinance must have their dogs and cats registered by March 31. After March 31, the animals will not be protected through the city. The legal limit of cats and dogs for pet owners will be grandfathered in by state law up to a maximum of six animals for the remainder of this year.
Pit-bulls will also no longer be banned in the city, but changes were made to allow the city to determine the designation of an animal as dangerous.
Cindy Crooks, council member, said she didn’t agree with no longer banning pit-bulls in Edgerton, as she still had serious concerns.
“I feel very adamant that I’m not ready to remove a ban of purebreed pitbulls from the ordinance,” she said.
Council members have been discussing changes to the city’s animal ordinances at length since last September. They approved the ordinance revisions 4 to 1.
Changes to the animal ordinance also include regulations for urban chickens, registration categories, animal breeder regulations and animal registration fees. The city will a create public awareness campaign to notify residents of the animal ordinance changes per Donald Roberts, mayor, request to let people have the time to make changes.
After March 31, pet owners will be fined if they do not comply.

In other business:
• No residents attended the public hearing at City Hall for proposed improvements to the city’s Wastewater System last week.
During the brief hearing council members discussed being offline and connected by 2019, state revolving loans to pay for it, letting residents know about the improvements, not being connected under I-35 highway, understanding where the rock is and what types of rocks. The project will cost $2.2 million. Project alternatives for the project were tabled for discussion until the next council meeting.
• A new outdoor warning signal from Blue Valley Public Safety was approved. The new pole will be concrete and replace the older outdoor siren at Manor Park. The new siren will not be located at Manor Park due to renovation. It will be closer to the electrical panel with the water tower.
• Council members also approved development of a Parks Master Plan with Landworks Studio.
“Edgerton actually has a plan to move forward with this,” Roberts said. “All the plans have great ideas to move forward in multiple ways. It’s a great first step.”
• Construction and observation services for the LPKC Sewer Interceptor project with BG Consultants was approved.
• Candid Marketing owner Becky Freetly closed the meeting with a presentation on her finding for social media communication for city governments.S he did not recommend Council members using Facebook for community outreach.
Roberts asked what the best way to deliver a message to reach people would be.
Freetly said there was a spectrum of ways. “But it is up to the resident on their level of engagement,” she said.