It’s always nice to see government agencies just do the right thing.
We’ve written before about transparency issues at USD 231 – although that’s been a few years ago. There’s been a change of guard, and things are moving forward.
It was a pleasant surprise during a recent spot check to see the Gardner Edgerton district in compliance with KSA 72-8254, which passed in 2013 and requires school districts’ publish budget information on their web homepage.
We didn’t have to fill out an open records request, wait three days, pay a fee, write a paper dinosaur check and trudge down to the board office to pick up paper documents or wait for antiquated snail mail.
We just pulled up – and there it was. A complete breakdown of budget details: expenditures, enrollment and mil levy, complete with charts, footnotes and easy-to-understand information.
What a breath of sunshine. Technology is wonderful.
In all fairness, other area districts also appear to be in compliance; however, statewide there’s apparently been a problem, and legislation has been introduced to fine districts $1,000 per day after receiving 30 days notice.
Why does it matter that government entities be forthcoming with their financials?
Because we trust them with our money.
Most are good stewards; but just as a bank wants to look at your financials when you use their money; taxpayers should require the same of government.
And those that are good stewards, won’t hesitate to comply.
We want to give credit where it’s due.
Thank you USD 231 staff and board of education.